PPBC Ministries

You were made for ministry. Eph. 2:10

Current List Toppers

Worship Care Workers - providing loving childcare for babies and preschoolers during the worship service time. What's more satisfying than rocking one of God's little ones? You don't get to do it every Sunday -- we have a cadre of members that serve on a rotating schedule.

Be a Greeter - Be the first impression of PPBC. Your smile will be the first thing visitors see. Contact our Greeter Extraordinaire, Sylvia Davis 218-6506.

Hospitality Team needs at least 4 people who can set up the coffee area before church on Sunday morning. Contact the church office, 224-3003.

You Were Made for Ministry

God uniquely shaping you for ministry even before you were born! He designed you with certain gifts and abilities for a purpose that He prepared in advance just for you. We have a class called 301: Discovering Your Shape for Ministry that walks you through finding your unique design.

Please let us know if you are interested in the class below and we will notify you of the next date.

You Tell Us!