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Learn to read the Bible with purpose

The disciples asked Jesus how to pray. He gave this example in Matt 6:9-13

God will use scripture memorization to bring about change and transformation in your life. Here's how...

Book Recommendation

Growing Up by Robby Gallaty

Accountability Questions

Meet regularly with a friend or mentor to help keep you on the narrow way with these questions:


  1. Have you spent time in the Word and in prayer this week?
  2. Have you shared the gospel or your testimony with an unbeliever this week?
  3. Have you spent quality time with your family this week?
  4. Have you viewed anything immoral this week?
  5. Have you had any lustful thoughts or tempting attitudes this week?
  6. Have you told any lies or half-truths to put yourself in a positive light before others?
  7. Have you participated in anything unethical this week?
  8. Have you lied about any of your answers today?