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Bible Study Tools

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Personal Disciple-Making Plan

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Personal Disciple-Making Plan

Followers of Christ are not called to sit on the sidelines. We are invited and given the great privilege of being a part of redemptive history. Jesus began His earthly ministry by saying "Follow me" and He ended it with the Great Commission, a mandate to make disciples. Disciples make disciples. Having a personal plan to be intentional to this purpose will help us keep it priority in our daily lives. We are to be obedient in our context, so whether that is locally, globally, or "glocally", we want to be a part in seeing every tribe, tongue, and nation know the name of Jesus.

Here are six questions to consider. Grab a journal, think about these questions, and spend time prayerfully and thoughtfully responding to them. For greater insight, consider joining us for our BodyLife 401 course to learn how to tell your story.

How Will I Fill My Mind With Truth?

To follow Jesus is to believe Jesus, and in order to believe Jesus, we must listen to Jesus. Our goal as disciples is never just to believe God's Word; our goal is to obey God's Word.

  • How will I read God's Word?
  • How will I memorize God's Word?
  • How will I learn God's Word from others?

How Will I Fuel My Affection for God?

Our aim is not simply to know God; our aim is to love God, and the more we read His Word, the more we delight in His glory.

  • How will I worship?
  • How will I pray?
  • How will I fast?
  • How will I give?

How Will I Share God's Love as a Witness in the World?

Instead of asking what God's will is for our lives, every disciple of Jesus asks, "How can my life align with His will for me to be His witness in the world?" With the Word of God in your mouth and the Spirit of God in your heart, end your quest to find God's will by deciding today to follow it.

  • Who? Name at least three people who are lost that God has placed in your life.
  • How? How can you begin to speak intentionally about God's character, man's sin, Christ's provision, and our need to respond?
  • When? How can you specifically and deliberately create opportunities to share the gospel with them?

How Will I Show God's Love as a Member of a Church?

Am I committed to a local church where I am sharing life with other followers of Christ in mutual accountability under biblical leadership for the glory of God?

  • Where? Ask if the local body of Christ is where you can most effectively make disciples of Christ.
  • What? What things can you do to build up that body of Christ?

How Will I Spread God's Glory Among All Peoples?

This is not a question for extraordinary missionaries; this is a question for ordinary disciples.

  • How will I pray for the nations?
  • How will I give to the nations?
  • How will I go to the nations?

How Will I Make Disciple Makers Among a Few People?

Jesus' strategy for reaching all peoples was clear: make disciple makers among a few people. God will lead us to live in all kinds of different places in the world. Yet regardless of where we live, the task we have is the same. No Christian is excused from this command, and no Christian would want to escape this command.

  • How will I bring them in?
  • How will I teach them to obey?
  • How will I model obedience?
  • How will I send them out?

Adapted from "Personal Disciple Making Plan" published by Brook Hills Baptist Church.