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As you enter the home for children’s ministry at Parkway Place, you are entering a whimsical world created for children. What kid wouldn’t want to go to a park? The Park at Parkway Place offers spaces designed for each age level from birth through 6th grade. Our mission is simple: we want each child taking the journey through our ministry to learn to trust God no matter what, make wise choices, and treat others the way they want to be treated. PJ Diggity Dog

One of the first things you’ll notice is The Park mascot, P.J. Diggity Dog. You’ll find P.J.–which stands for Praising Jesus–in every area of the park (and if you look hard enough, you may even find some of his bones he’s hidden throughout the park). Like his name suggests, he is always digging up something. Pay attention to the things he has dug up and you’ll find the purposes of our church, to connect, grow, serve, reach, and worship!


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    3 PLAYGROUNDS! Our Park is not a park without a playground! And in this park there are three! P.J.’s treehouse is an indoor playground that is just for preschoolers. The other one, P.J.’s playhouse, is for kids of all ages, but intended mostly for kids pre-K through 6th grade. There is also another playground in our courtyard!


    Just as God created bugs for a purpose, he created each new child with a purpose in mind and our Baby Bugs area is just for them. The four rooms that make up the Baby Bugs area focus on four different development stages.

    Bumble Bees – Newborns
    Rollie Pollies – Crawlers
    Catterpillars – Walkers
    Grasshoppers – Jumpers

    Some of the special features were also designed with parents in mind, such as the monitors in the hall that let parents see what is going on in the rooms and the private nursing rooms for mothers. They may be tiny but they matter to God and they matter to us at Parkway Place.


    PRESCHOOL PARK Another area in the park begs for preschoolers to come, have fun, and learn. The rooms that make up the preschool ministry include The Fishing Pond, The Fountain, The Rainbow Room, and The Butterfly Field. These rooms may look like all fun and games–and they are fun–but preschoolers learn through play and these room enable us to teach them God’s principles on their level.

    STARS When children enter elementary school, their journey through the Parkway Place Park takes them upstairs where they will be encouraged to have a personal relationship with Jesus and mentored how to shine the light of Jesus, just like a star. Both large and small group activities are used to accomplish that goal and the upstairs of the children’s building has places to do both. One of the favorite of both kids and parents is the café area. A great place to relax, hang out with friends, play some games, work on projects…in other words, a place where kids belong!

    CIA - Children in Action
    (Grades 1st - 4th)

    At CIA our goal is to teach children to be agents on mission for God. If our children appear to be doing things secret agent style, its because they want all the credit of their good deeds going to God and not themselves. Children attending CIA will learn about different cultures found around the world and how others share the Good News of Jesus to the people in that culture. CIA agents will also plan and execute service projects within the area we live.

    GGs - Godly Girls
    (Grades 5th & 6th)

    Preteen girls are eager to grow into young ladies. At GG, these girls study God's word and what it says about becoming a Godly Girl.

    Guys Group
    (Grades 5th & 6th)

    God created boys and girls to be different. During the preteen years it is especially important to give them a time to explore how God's word applies to them as guys.

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What's Happening?


(PreK-6th grade)
(Birth – PreK)
(K-4th grade)

*Once a month we have Family Worship so K-4th graders can worship with their families.


(4 before Aug 1st – Kindergarten)
(1st – 4th grade)
6:00 - GGs "GODLY GIRLS"
(5th & 6th grade girls)
6:00 - "GUYS GROUPS"
(5th & 6th grade boys)

Birthday Parties

Our PJ Playgrounds are available every 2nd and 4th Saturday of the month for your birthday party. Call the church office to reserve a time.