From our families and communities, to our workplace and leisure time, we strive to live out and speak truth full of love and grace. I married my beautiful wife, Lori, in May of 1998. Together, we have three children, Tyler, Trent, Emery, and an adopted child in a sappy Boxer named Rueger. I'm from Mizzou-Rah! The Show Me State.

About my relationship with Christ:

I was raised in the Christian faith and grew up attending the local church. I believed about God. At the age of 12, I was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease and this changed everything. This illness had a great effect on me physically, emotionally, and spiritually. There was no peace and understanding. I became angry with God and towards others which led to me making rebellious choices as a teenager in trying to fit in and be accepted. It was hell on earth and I was weary of living. Real peace found me in May 1989. That is when I truly put my faith in Christ and, by His grace, began living for him. He met me where I was and asked no more than that I follow Him. The process of change began and continues to this day. That is the major game changer in my life. Because He lives, I can face tomorrow in whatever it may bring. Jesus Christ can do the same for anyone who will call upon His name and put their faith into Him. He is my Savior, Lord, and King. He is real.

What is one thing people would be surprised to know about you?

That I USED to be terrified of Roller Coasters up to the age of 16! Since then, I've currently ridden 120 different coasters.

What is your all-time favorite movie?

Tie between Jaws & Rocky."Yo Adrian, we're gonna need a bigger boat!"

What is your favorite place to eat in Little Rock?

Anywhere my wife wants to eat.

If you had the day off tomorrow, how would you spend it?

On a very fast jet because I'd want to go to St. Louis to see the Cardinals play, take Lori to the mountains of Colorado, swim with the dolphins at Atlantis, or run with the bulls in Spain. But reality is that after helping Lori and the kids get off to work and school, I would enjoy the solitude of downtime and piddle around the house while looking forward to when my family gets home. Actually, with my kids there are similarities to swimming with dolphins and running with bulls!

Whose concert would you travel far and wide to attend?

I have traveled far and wide to be at the Cornerstone Festival and would do it again in a second if they still had it! RUSH is always good, too.

How do you sometimes "waste time" and enjoy it?

Watching a good movie. Playing fantasy football or baseball.